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Apex International is also invovled in other professional services, including business management consulting, training and investment which would help our clients minimize their costs and improve their management efficiency in their different departments, such as sales and marketing, human resources, accounting and public relations, etc.

Based in Shanghai, China, Apex International has always been dedicated to providing professional business consulting services to those multinational companies, joint ventures, wholly foreign-funded businesses and those who plan to enter the prosperous Chinese market.

One of Apex International core services is to organize high level representative events, such as high-level summits, symposiums, seminars or conferences gathering business leaders from across the world to jointly explore strategic and policy issues that are of their common concern and interest.


Apex International has always been totally committed to providing first class professional business and management consulting services by organizing such international events as conferences, forums, seminars and summits to those multinational companies, joint ventures, wholly foreign-funded businesses and those who plan to enter the prosperous Chinese market. Apex International provides such great platforms on which speakers from the various industries, academic circles and the governments would be able to freely communicate with all business leaders from across the globe to explore issues that are of common concern and interest.

Apex International is very experienced in all the essential processes from hot topics targeting to event organization, all of which would ensure the quality and effectiveness of our business consulting services, driving us to go extra mile to enhance the quality of our services.

Topic Targeting

With the help of our own experienced project development staff and the thorough researches we conducted, we are fully capable of developing and organizing wonderful events that are of common interests in various fields. The Apex International research team is proficient at unveiling topics that are highly interesting and worth exploration. As far as the partnership consulting is concerned, our research team has always been operating based on our core principle which is ustomer comes first and learning how to listen attentively and effectively to our event organizing partners.

Agenda Development

Once our research team got the topics targeted, the Apex International development team would immediately effectively finalize an agenda that covers all the valued and relevant topics of the upcoming event, be it a forum or a symposium. The speakers on the conference agenda are either experts or reputable business leaders in the specific field whose participation and presentation would contribute a lot to the success of our upcoming event.

Speaker Invitation

What is crucial to a forum or a conference when everything else is ready? Of course the answer is the speakers. Speaker securement is probably the toughest part that makes or fails a conference event. Apex International extensive and reliable networking with the industries, the academia and the governments has guaranteed that the targeted speakers on the agenda are almost always secured at the event. Speakers from the central government, Fortune 500 businesses and top universities and academic institutions are guarantee of the successes of Apex International forums, seminars and summits.

Event Organization

The whole event planning boils down to the final execution. Apex International possesses a supportive team that is well trained and experienced in seeking the most appropriate and cost-saving venue, simultaneous interpretation team and accommodation which would ensure smooth processing of an event. The past attendees positive comments on events organized by Apex International also stand as great testimony of the high quality of our service.


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