Summit Highlights

  • Chinese Recycled Plastics Market Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2019-2024
  • SEA & Global Plastics and Packaging Trends: Reuse, Recycling, Sustainability, and Circular Economy
  • Integrating Green Chemistry into a Closedloop Plastics Supply Chain
  • Improvements in plastic packaging design and Innovation help reduce cost of recycling
  • Building a circular value chain for chemical recycling of plastics
  • How Advanced Injection Solutions Boost Circular Plastics Industry Development?
  • Driving Circular Economy Solutions in Healthcare Plastics
  • Transforming the New Plastics Economy — How the future sustainable plastics will evolve from converters’ perspective
        1.Eco friendly and Bio-Based Materials
        2.Collection and Recycling - Key to Driving Circular Plastics Economy
        3.Explore credible ways companies can engage and move toward a circular plastic economy
        4.Future market potential for recycled materials and plastics
  • Circular economy along the plastics supply chain: innovative extrusion and injection moulding applications for compounding and recycling
  • Latest Innovative PET rigid packaging eco solutions from recycled and biodegradable materials
  • Innovative solutions to expand and modernize plastics sorting and recycling capacity
  • On the way to a Circular Economy: Plastics material flow and recovery of post-consumer plastic waste in China & Asia
  • Eco-design of plastics packaging: minimizing the environmental impact and dealing with conflicting objectives
  • Evolutionary pathway of Circular Economy and case studies of high-value added recycled plastics
  • How Innovative Extrusion Technology Will Contribute to the Circular Economy of Plastics
  • Multilayer flexible packaging solutions for a circular economy
  • Bioplastics and the Circular Economy — Benefits, feedstock types, sustainable sourcing, land use
  • How the future equipment and technology innovation will meet the demanding requirements for plastics reuse, recycling and circular economy development?
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