Summit Introduction

Industrial companies have a huge carbon footprint. Their production and logistics operations account for more than half of the world's carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) from burning fuels. Given current trends, production and logistics emissions need to be reduced by about 18 percent from the 2020 level by 2025 to meet China's new climate plan that promises to peak CO2 emissions before 2030. With longstanding concerns about the environment growing, industrial companies are feeling increasing economic pressure to address the issue.

Recognizing the need to act, companies are implementing actions to decarbonize their businesses. In addition, some companies have gone further and begun to demand that their business partners in the supply chain also demonstrate a commitment to decarbonization. As a result, all industrial enterprises must be prepared to deal with the convergence of environmental and economic needs. The solution is a concept we call the "green factory of the future", in which a combination of decarbonization measures reduces net emissions to zero.


Summit Highlights

  • How Can Industry Set Standardized, Achievable Emissions Targets and Integrate Them into Its Strategy   企业如何制定标准化的、可实现的排放目标,并将其与战略相结合
  • How Energy Players are Competing to Make an Agile Transition to a Low-Carbon Future   能源企业如何竞争,以迅速过渡到低碳未来
  • Bridging the Gap in the Clean Energy Transition & Finance, Policies and Actions for Scaling Investment   填补清洁能源转型和资金缺口, 扩大投资的政策和行动
  • Going All Green - Adding Renewables to the Energy Mix   走向绿色 - 将可再生能源加入到能源结构中
  • Advanced Microgrid Solutions Accelerate the Development of Smart Grid   先进微电网解决方案,为智能电网发展赋能加速
  • Why and How Industrial Sized Demand Side Response (DSR) Decarbonize Power System, and Enables Industry to become both Consumer and Generator   工业规模的需求侧响应(DSR)为什么和如何脱碳电力系统,并使工业成为消费者和电力生产者
  • Electrification, Challenges & Opportunities Associated with Increased Electrification of Industrial Processes   电气化-扩大工业过程电气化的挑战和机遇
  • ...


Below please the testimonials and comments from our delegates:

  • “Randal Chan has done a good job in pulling this summit together, wishing there will be more companies getting involved in this event”
    Ken Tsang
    Senior Advisor
    Association of International Chemical Manufacturers
  • “It’s been indeed a fruitful trip for me at the 2nd Annual CEES 2013, looking forward to be present in similar events”
    Christina Chua
    Sr. HSSE Manager, Asia-Pacific
  • “Thank you for your great organization and efforts to make this summit a success. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot”
    Tommy Yan
    Occupational Health Safety Advisor Asia Pacific
  • “We think the summit was a great success which served as a great platform for regional EHS expertise to exchange ideas and share best practices”
    Jenny Yu
    Gensuite LLC
  • “Learned a lot of new HSE concepts and latest status in HSE field, will attend the 3rd edition”
    Emily Li
    Technical Support Manager
    HS&E and Facility
    P & G
  • “I really enjoyed this workshop with all attendants, pls inform me if possible in the future”
    Mr. Wentao DAI
    Deputy General Manager
    Environmental & Safety
    Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company.
  • “I was impressed by the good organization of this summit and will definitely recommend it to my clients/contacts in the field of EHS”
    Richard Fischer
    Managing Director & Partner
    Institute Bruno Schmaeling Consulting Group
    Europe West & Asia
  • “The CEES was a great conference and a useful platform to exchange ideas”
    Dr. Arthur Wong
    Asia HSE & Health Services Director