Summit Highlights

  • Look Beyond 2018: Automotive Interior Development — Trends, Challenges and Possible Solutions
  • Interior trends and their effect on components, functions and materials
  • Next generation interior design — Digital design for the connected and automated driving
  • Interior Electronic Function technologies for a new level of user experience
  • Future HMI trends concepts and solutions for vehicle instrumentation
  • Flexible and moveable seating Active Wellness 2.0 Concept Seat – Drive Your Wellness
  • Automotive Seat and Package-optimized lightweight design
  • Thermoplastic and non-woven composites: trends to 2020 and its impact on interior
  • Innovative Design Engineering and Eco friendly materials Enhancing Vehicles Interior Air Quality

Conference Background

In the year of 2016, the Ministry of Environment Protection officially introduced the "Evaluation Guidelines for Air Quality in Passenger Vehicles",  which specifically outlines clear restrictions for harmful substances affecting in-car air quality, such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene as well as time table for automotive manufacturers to follow the new standards. Beginning in 2017, all newly manufactured vehicles must conform  to these standards, and by 2018, all vehicles must meet them without any compromise. All industry players competing for Chinese market are continuously improving their manufacturing process in order to be in conformity with these newly regulated criteria.

Recent years also witnessed the accelerating development of connected and autonomous vehicles, autonomous and driverless vehicle technology will present automotive designers and vehicle manufacturers with a whole new approach to the way in which vehicle interiors  are designed and manufactured. Vehicle connectivity and autonomy technology will allow drivers to spend less time driving and more time doing other things, which could heavily influence the way consumers make their purchasing decisions. Asian countries like China, Japan, Singapore have also been releasing policies and regulations on promoting CAV future development.

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